Pulling Hard Against the Stream

December 3, 2007 9:30 AM

Someone wondered what I'd sound like with instrumental backing. Here you go.

This song was written by Harry Clifton, a prolific English Music Hall writer, active in the mid 1800's. I got it from Alison McMorland, who collected it from Willie Scott, a shepherd in the Border region of Scotland. I love the sentiment of this song.

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Stunning! Thank you.
posted by rtha at 11:31 AM on December 3, 2007

I was one of the folks wondering, so thank you very much for posting this. This is just really great.
posted by snsranch at 4:47 PM on December 3, 2007

What a lovely voice you have... and this is a gem of a song.
posted by Pallas Athena at 11:43 AM on December 4, 2007

Wow. I feel like I've heard this song before. This guy has the lyrics up. Your version of it is very lovely, thank you.
posted by jessamyn at 1:51 PM on December 31, 2007

That was delightful. Love your voice.
posted by jan murray at 2:32 AM on January 13, 2008

Jessamyn, that's hilarious. I know him, and I sang that song at his wedding. It's me he's referring to, singing it. :)
posted by LN at 2:59 PM on February 26, 2008 [2 favorites]

Beautifully sung! A really lovely voice.
posted by nickyskye at 12:51 PM on May 4, 2013

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