Jump Off the Roof

December 11, 2007 8:33 PM

One of four sound collages I put together in 2005-2006 under the "Jimmy O'Clock" brand name. Kinda puts a smirk on my face when I listen to it.

This is song 4 off of my long-yet-to-be completed sound collage album/series called "For All the Birds." Your nice comments may spur me to finish the project. If you don't like it: see song title.

Eventually, I'll post the other three. (It only gets stranger. This is the "tame" one in that it resembles a mash-up more than the others.)

Should I list the sources? I like guessing games.

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This should be the signature song of AskMe.

I like the two Jimmy O'Clock things you've posted. Definitely post them all, and make more. Don't jump off the roof just yet.
posted by micayetoca at 12:29 PM on December 13, 2007

Hah, the official song of AskMe. Sweet!
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this is so badass. I need to check memu more often.
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I'm listening to this 9 years + 1 month after you posted this, and it's still excellent. If you still remember the sources, I'd be interested in seeing them!
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Wow... It's hard to believe this song is that old. Listening back to it now, I feel like I have learned a lot since then – I can hear all the places where I now know I could have edited pieces of it more cleanly – but this song is still one of my favorites. Sources include:

Allan Sherman, "Al n' Yetta" - from about 0:09-0:15

Led Zeppelin, "Boogie With Stu" - from 0:00 to 0:07. You can hear Allan just start to sing at the end of the song.

• Clips from something by the same voice actor who narrated "The Eight Seasons of Chromalox"®™, a ten-minute "Industrial Musical" from the late 60's or early 70's, about air-conditioning, by the Emerson/Chromalox corporation, which I probably found via WFMU's 365 days project... Though, now that I listen to this track, while it is truly epic, this is not my source; I think I have the same Narrator and corporation, but I have literally no idea now what the actual recording I plundered was. It had specific months in it. Anyway, I took that guy's voice and chopped it up.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, "New York New York" - the guitar part, some of the rhythm track, and the "a man's on a ledge..." line

• A clip from the movie Mr. Destiny, specifically an exchange between Jon Lovitz and Jim Belushi. I don't think I knew this when I made the song.

Thanks for asking!
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Thanks for going back and listing those sources! Yeah it would have been cool to find out where the narration came from, but no worries. Seeing the wildly different sources and hearing them in context within their originals, I'm even more impressed. For instance just the beginning/foundation, with the bari saxophone and rhythm bit from Al n' Yetta, plus the drums from Boogie with Stu, are really well done.

And thanks for the link to industrial musicals -- the whole topic seemed like it would be a great post for MeFi, and I was pleased to see that of course it's been covered.
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