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January 11, 2008 7:28 PM

An instrumental, rough mix of yet another track from Tangemeenie's work-in-progress, "The Gilded Age." This one takes a low-key, folksy kind of turn.

My wife Lori will be adding vocals to this song eventually; the lyrics are in the can already. In the meantime, this version is just two acoustic guitars and a bass banging it out. (Kind of has a Kings of Convenience feel to it.)

There's a special spot in my heart for this particular recording because it was the last recording I managed to make of my old acoustic guitar (the neck of which my son Ander accidentally broke a few months back).

It's also probably one of the best recordings I've managed to get of an acoustic guitar, IMO.

posted by saulgoodman (19 comments total) 5 users marked this as a favorite

I really like this. I'm so jealous of how your acoustic sounds.

Great layers, great song.
posted by thepressdelete at 12:32 PM on January 12, 2008

Wonderful, really full. I'd love it if you posted either the lyrics or the final of this song. But it's awesome as an instrumental, anyway.
posted by Corduroy at 7:05 PM on January 12, 2008

I'm kinda drunk right now but i can dig it
posted by BrnP84 at 11:42 PM on January 12, 2008

Well I'm totally sober and I love it. This is gorgeous. I can picture it over a movie scene of two characters driving down a lonely road who've been through a lot together.

Did I mention this was gorgeous?
posted by ORthey at 10:36 AM on January 13, 2008

Corduroy--I'll post a follow-up when we finally get the vocals done (could be a little while though; i've got about three our four different pots simmering right now). h

Thanks for the feedback! Like I said, I've got high hopes for this one.
posted by saulgoodman at 4:22 PM on January 13, 2008

This is pretty totally awesome.
posted by that girl at 5:02 PM on January 13, 2008

Yeah, that's a really nice recording. The melody seems promising too, I bet it will be a very good song with vocals -- it's already good as an instrumental. I dig the bass. And that ending is beautiful!
posted by edlundart at 8:44 PM on January 13, 2008

Ah man, this is a crystalline recording and so very well played. I'm looking forward to hearing the vocals. That poor guitar -- !
posted by melissa may at 12:39 AM on January 14, 2008 [1 favorite]

I was gonna mention how good it sounds, then I noticed everyone else did.

If it serves as consolation, I suspect that if you gave my guitar the chance to choose between recording one last time with such a great sound, or living a long life of poor recordings, she would choose the dignified option. Poor her, she won't have that option. But your guitar will be forever young and shiny in the minds of those who hear this.

And yeah, please post the version with the vocals when it's finished.
posted by micayetoca at 6:20 AM on January 14, 2008

And that ending is beautiful!

edlundart: thanks! that part was a nice surprise for me because i wrote it on the fly during the recording process (the rest of the song had been mapped out in advance).

thanks micayetoca, melissa may, and others for the consolations on the guitar--it was my primary instrument for one decade and the better part of another, so i'd gotten quite attached to it. i'll definitely post with a follow-up once the vocals are done.
posted by saulgoodman at 11:45 AM on January 14, 2008

Playing and composition are both great, thank you !
posted by nicolin at 11:52 AM on January 14, 2008

Hey, this is fantastic, saul!

. for your guitar.
posted by snsranch at 4:46 PM on January 14, 2008

Great as is, but I'm really looking forward to the vocals. Cheers on the project!
posted by Alvy Ampersand at 6:06 PM on January 20, 2008

i love love love love love love love love this. thank you so much for sharing.
posted by numinous at 3:15 PM on January 23, 2008

Agreed, very nice and looking forward to the addition of vocals.

Sorry to hear about babies, no more leaving guitars lying on the couch or such eh¿
C'mon, you've wanted another guitar in any case./ or so you may say to yourself.
posted by alicesshoe at 5:46 PM on February 7, 2008

C'mon, you've wanted another guitar in any case./ or so you may say to yourself.

Exactly. Incidentally, here's the new one I picked up. It's a big change from my old one, but so far, I love it
posted by saulgoodman at 8:23 AM on February 13, 2008

btw--lori finished the vocals for this recently, and i plan to post the latest iteration here and on the tangemeenie blog soon...
posted by saulgoodman at 8:24 AM on February 13, 2008

I love this. Also, this is far more compelling than KoC (who I like somewhat, but not a lot).
posted by !Jim at 12:27 AM on February 14, 2008

This is kind of breathtaking.
posted by eritain at 1:18 PM on September 23, 2011

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