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January 13, 2008 1:57 PM

This is an alt-country-shanty by The Mulligrubs--the band I play bass in. They let me play piano, too, sometimes. We're playing a show tonight in Boston, MA. There's more examples of our smoothness on our MySpace page.

The show is tonight, Sunday 1/13, 9PM, at Harper's Ferry, opening for our good friends The Globs. There's also another band there, too. I forget who. Come see a MeFite on stage if you're in the Allston/Brighton/Cambridge environs.

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Bit o' the old Irish lilt to this one. Hope y'all have a great gig!
posted by flapjax at midnite at 4:56 PM on January 13, 2008

I like it. The voice reminds me a little bit of Lou Reed, which was unexpected.
posted by edlundart at 8:40 PM on January 13, 2008

Very nice. I looked up "shanty" and found a very interesting description in the wikipedia page. Then I couldn't help imagining this song recorded in a call-and-response version, mimicking oarsmen in a boat.

But that's completely unrelated, sorry for typing out loud. Your song was very nice, thank you for posting it.
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I enjoyed this a lot and am sorry I am too far from Boston to see you guys. You should have a meetup around your next one.
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How did the show go?
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You should have a meetup around your next one.

I'm reminded of something a while back, though, where a MeFier (in NYC, I think) called a meetup around a lecture he was doing, and got a little crucified for it. You know, self-promo and all. There was also a MeFiMu person who called for a meetup at a musical event she was organizing (or a part of, whatever), and she got some negative comments for that in MeTaTalk, too. So, it could be touchy. I agree with Jess, though, I mean, it shouldn't be a problem, far as I'm concerned. Just saying that anyone calling for a meetup in conjunction with their own show or whatever might want to be prepared for a little... grief.
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Yeah I think there's a difference between "let's have a meetup and have drinks and then I'm going to go on stage and play some bass and maybe I can put some of you on the guest list" and "Let's have a meetup at MY SHOW where the cover is SEVEN DOLLARS" I'd like there to be a gigs option, but there currently isn't. Maybe if you know some other local mefites you can get them to organize and then you can mostly show up and play.
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GIGS OPTION! GIGS OPTION! Everybody hear that? A mod said it! A MOD said it!


With only a scant handful of MeFiers in Tokyo, it probably wouldn't do me much good anyway, but it could be a pretty good thing for lots of US-based MeFiMusicians, I think.
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micaytoca: I didn't even really think before I wrote "shanty", that it would imply a call and response, which would make much more sense. I only thought the word "shanty" sounded Irish and sea-farin'. In fact, though, a call-and-response, just for the chorus couplet, would go lovely, I think, and I may suggest that to the songwriter. So thank you for the information!

edlundart: I think John (gtr, vox) will like it when he hears you said "Lou Reed." Someone else said recently of his voice, "moaning cow." I like Lou Reed better. (I love John's voice.)

jessamyn, flapjax: I'm-ah-gonna MeTa this tonight, and expand my thoughts. Why MeTa it? I love getting poo and accolades thrown at me, and I can blame/laud you two for synthing the idea! And I think it would be a great idea. I wanted to be careful to make this not sound like an advertisement, nor a meet-up. I didn't know whether to post here or on Projects, which nobody reads. (I've started recently dipping in, though.) A "gigs" option resolves that.

Thanks for the good gig wishes; I borked very few notes, and we pretty much rocked. We hadn't practiced for three weeks beforehand (a-hem, not since our previous gig--holidays 'n' such), so we actually practiced three days in a row before this (which is unprecedented) and, wouldn't ya know it, it paid off... we DID sound better! Who-da-thunk.

And The Globs were so freakin' amazing, too. I like playing gigs with bands I like! (That's like saying, "I like breathing!" But I can't count how many times I've just wanted to leave immediately after our set because.. well, props to anyone who makes music... but some musicians are pretentious and/or suck. I'm sure I've been viewed similarly.)

So anyway, thanks for the kind words, y'all!
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Yea, rock on, not_on_display... I didn't know you made music too!

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Lovin' this.
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