Like There's No Tomorrow

July 3, 2006 1:47 PM

This is a mid-tempo groovy electronic tune of mine. For fans of Air, Boards of Canada, and any other psychedelic-tinged chill music. Quite good with headphones! [commonly under pseudonym "Stereopattern"]

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It's mmmm mm good.
posted by ryran at 10:15 AM on July 5, 2006

posted by hellbient at 10:47 AM on July 5, 2006

Urp! Starts kinda suddenly for a chill track, and it's interesting to listen to, but kinda busy. I think you could probably make a couple of separate tracks out of this one that'd stand quite happily on their own.
posted by 5MeoCMP at 12:48 AM on July 18, 2006

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