Lady Bad Luck

January 28, 2008 8:47 AM

Tim Cluff and the Parnassum Mountain Boys.

Tim is paying guitar this time. Nick is still on djembe. There is no trombone but kazoo and percussion instead.

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Wow, that kazoo is really nicely integrated -- I was expecting to be annoyed by it but it blends right in.

But by God that *$ slide whistle makes another appearance and I want to hack my ears off.

Oh hey nice little harmonies at the end there.
posted by Karlos the Jackal at 3:19 AM on January 30, 2008

yea Tim loves that whistle. It wasn't on any track when we recorded and was never in the live show, but when he gave us the final version of the be fair though, it never bothered me until it bothered yall, the audience. Thanks for your feedback Karlos. I will post some hiphop, no slide whistle there I promise.
posted by MNDZ at 6:20 AM on January 30, 2008

I really enjoy this, the spare instrumnets (and yeah, needs more slide whistle) is great, I love the galumphing pace of this.
posted by jessamyn at 6:21 PM on January 31, 2008

Sounds a little like something from the Small Faces album Ogden's Nut Gone Flake. I like it.
posted by koeselitz at 6:23 PM on February 1, 2008

Been listening to this again, still love it.
posted by jessamyn at 9:40 AM on September 20, 2013

This song continues to delight.
posted by jessamyn at 5:23 PM on April 26, 2020

Still really like this.
posted by jessamyn at 2:43 PM on January 20

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