Your Own Sound

February 19, 2008 6:16 PM

Just a day behind*, I give you song six for the RPM08 Challenge.

For this one I crafted the song around the initial lyric and melody of the first few lines. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been paying any particular attention to the lyrics of the last five- I pretty much banged out each song without refining the verbal message behind it. So I’ve gone ahead and done that with this track; who’s theme, you might say, is atonement.

*I'm looking to do about a track every three days. Track 6 x 3 = Feb 18th. Today, alas, is the 19th.

"Tell me it’s the river in which you wanna bathe
Swept to the ocean while they ready your way
The possible solution to a probable grave
To wash the dirt away

Willows and orchids on the bank of your sin
Whisper all the trouble that you’ve gotten in
Listen and you’ll hear them telling you again
To wash the dirt away

The river is calling while you just keep falling down
The deeper the diver, the wider the way around

Trumpet squawks, you’re delta bound
Drown ‘em out with your own sound
You’re thrashing your legs but the current is stronger than you"

posted by pedmands

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