The Day The Aliens Invade

February 22, 2008 3:57 PM

Context: For those who haven't heard it, the previous album (Will the Moon Explode in ... the 23rd Century?) is about mysterious problems with the moon that seem to indicate impending disaster. At the end of the album we have treated the symptoms but are uncertain as to whether or not we have cured the moon.

This album (The Continuing Adventures of the 23rd Century in ... the 23rd Century) starts with the moon suddenly exploding and almost killing all of us (it was very scary). First we figure out (with some help from an extraterrestrial friend) how to save the Earth from the moon chunks, but then realize (too late) that the problems with the moon were a ruse to prevent us from detecting an invading alien fleet.

We detect the invasion too late to do anything about it, and this song is about the aftermath. It is also pretty much the climax of the album.

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I really enjoy your 23rd Century stuff.
posted by The Great Big Mulp at 9:30 AM on February 23, 2008

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Another fan of the 23rd Century here. The other day checking out the videos you linked to in Projects I ran into this video. Is there a studio version of that song?
posted by micayetoca at 7:34 AM on March 4, 2008

So 'Floyd!
posted by Ogre Lawless at 12:57 PM on February 4, 2013

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