February 29, 2008 3:24 PM

This was my favorite song during my time with Suneral.

We had the opportunity to record with the legendary Austrian hardcore producer Armin Breuer who produced such bands as, his own band, Estate , Ephen Rian, The Minute Between, and Outsmarted, among others. Unfortunately we only got a prerecording done, and never had the chance to finish the entire album. Nobody's ever heard this song before, I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I do. The instruments were recorded in one take, live, and the voice in one take separately. The quality's not great, but I think the song's pretty cool.

I play lead guitar in the song.


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The guitars kick ass again, really tight music overall. It's a great song, it'd be even better with a little more production as you say. The vocal is a little rough still.
posted by empyrean at 8:23 PM on February 29, 2008

Ha, I'm already goin' deef in one ear, but this is definitely worth playing loud.
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I like the voice like that, it differentiates it from radio stuff, it doesn't need to be more upfront really.
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I agree, the voice is kinda like another instrument in the song, I like the dirtiness of the whole thing, I think it kinda fits, it's one of my favorite recordings that we ever did, too bad we never got to finish it, if you listen to the other stuff he produced, you'll see how clean it probably would have turned out.
posted by Slash_fan at 10:08 AM on March 3, 2008

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