Hey Jude

March 19, 2008 6:01 PM

Hey Jude in three part (x2) harmony

I watch "Across the Universe" and I couldn't get this song out of my head. So I sang it... and sang it again.

I found out on this one that I really need to start singing with a click track, and that I'm badly in need of someone that can sing tenor.

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lovely. I really like how you did the stereo. and your harmony arrangement was done in a really brian wilsonish style, which is really fun to hear set against a beatles song, kinda barbershop vs blues.

the recording is uber rough tho. I know that doing multiple vocal tracks can be really hard on the noise reduction end, especially a capella. What's your setup? Maybe I can help.
posted by es_de_bah at 10:34 PM on March 19, 2008

My setup is a program called Audacity and a laptop microphone.

I noticed after I mixed it all down and published it that some of the channels were a little too hot. (My Bad). I'm all ears on noise removal tips though. I'm guessing step 1 is probably get a better microphone :-)
posted by ibfrog at 6:52 AM on March 20, 2008

Sounds like some stuff from Robert Wyatt.
posted by nicolin at 9:35 AM on March 20, 2008

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