Secular Humanist Love Song

March 28, 2008 8:50 AM

The title is pretty self-explanatory really. Instruments: piano and reedy voice.

This is the first song I've been able to complete since I started tinkering around with musical instruments four years ago. I wrote it over this past Christmas holiday for my girlfriend. It started on the ukulele, but then migrated over to the piano. This is a demo recorded in one take at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago. It isn't perfect (the singing surely isn't), but I'm happy with it.

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God is just a word that’s easily abused if he’s there he doesn’t care, Bug, I believe in you

The holy cathedrals of Paris and Rome, St. Peter’s glory and Notre Dame, can’t compare with your derrière, Bug, I believe in you

Sure, you’re not omnipotent, but when I call you you’re there, and when I fuck up royally
you’re still patient all the same and for that I give thanks

I’m reading the Bible it’s full of contradiction, I’m pretty sure that it's a work of fiction, I don’t have to look to the good book, Bug, I believe in you

Consider this a hymn, a secular testament, I do not doubt what you’re about, Bug, I believe in you

Sure, you can’t transubstantiate, but I don’t really care for wine, and you don’t require a sacrificial lamb, besides that would be weird, but for you I give thanks
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love it love it love it!
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Congrats on finishing your first song! Many people never get this far. Hopefully there will be more, right?

I like your voice. Reedy, sure, but it's not an annoying nasal drone or anything and you can carry a tune. There's character and emotion in there.

I also like the use of "Bug" as a term of endearment. Sweet.

You might watch your recordng levels in the future -- I think you're getting some distortion in there.
posted by Karlos the Jackal at 1:24 AM on March 29, 2008

Great job on your first song. There are some parts in the vocals where you hit a perfect note and it just sounds great.
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can i just pipe in here to say that you're voice is perfectly wonderful!! the way you're moving through several well-structured scales in multi-syllabic words has always struck me as one of those characteristic "hooks" you find in excellent vocal arrangements.

but heck, i'm no expert. keep it up, and please post some more!
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I notice you wrote "but I don't really care for wine" but sang "but I don't like wine." I prefer the way you sang it. The joke's funnier with such short one syllable words coming a great long word like "transubstantiate."
And I love your vocal rising on the paris and rome bit.

(side note: whistling! whistling! every song with whistling should have a whistling tag...)
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how did i miss this? fantastic.
posted by chococat at 11:56 PM on February 28, 2009

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