Buried Bride

April 4, 2008 12:52 AM

It's a love song. About zombies

Another from a band I'm currently in, The Rugs. I play theremin on this one. Wait for the first chorus.

Even better, listen to the pitch matching with the guitar solo *toot toot* Ayup, that was my own horn.

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Disclosure: I never play theremin live with this group. Too much precision given my usual on-stage state.
posted by sourwookie at 12:59 AM on April 4, 2008

And too much additional wiring.
posted by sourwookie at 12:59 AM on April 4, 2008

That theremin is TOTALLY SWEET.

I always thought theremin would be super easy 'cause hey you just wave your arms around and I do that all day anyway. But then I got my hands on one (not literally, ha) and it was all like SQUAWK SQUEAK so, yeah, kudos to you, sir.

Do you play something else live?
posted by Karlos the Jackal at 2:14 AM on April 4, 2008

This rocks wicked hard. And certainly wouldn't be the same without the theremin.
posted by uncleozzy at 5:59 AM on April 4, 2008

Yeah, that theremin is quite cool. My sister plays theremin in a band, and she says that one of the hardest things was to housebreak the guitarist so that he wouldn't cross the stage in front of her in the middle of a song, doing an involuntary ooooooooouwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

As for buried brides: there's a beaaaaaautiful old bolero called Bodas Negras about a guy whose girlfriend dies and he visits her every day at the graveyard. Over time, people start saying he is gradually looking like more and more like a dead man himself. One day, he can't stand to be apart from her anymore, and he opens the grave, takes her home with him, consummates the marriage and then lies there "hugging the rigid, cold corpse". The style has nothing to do with your song, but the subject kinda does. Hope I'm not creeping anyone out.
posted by micayetoca at 7:50 AM on April 4, 2008

Very cool song.
posted by kingbenny at 8:48 AM on April 4, 2008

Ugh. Our engineer informed me he had to throw pitch correction on it in the mix. So much for chops.
posted by sourwookie at 10:00 AM on April 4, 2008

I just YouTube'd Thermin... that is insane. Nice job!
posted by Corduroy at 11:37 AM on April 4, 2008

Just... awesome.
posted by Pallas Athena at 3:56 AM on April 10, 2008

Nice theremin (even if auto-tuned)
posted by andrewraff at 11:59 AM on April 10, 2008

Auto-tuned theremin. What a time we live in. I'm serious.

Rockin' tune no matter the circumstances.
posted by Ynoxas at 11:01 PM on April 30, 2008

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