When My Baby Was Mine

April 4, 2008 4:10 AM

My one-person band, drowsy, delivers this delicious 1950s-inspired retro-pop (with crunchy autoharp topping!) directly to your doorstep. Quick, answer the door!

I like making up songs. I often find the process of finishing them to be kind of a chore. I have a backlog of maybe 15-20 songs half finished, partially recorded, waiting for me to get back to them. Some of these songs go back years.

So in January I made a resolution: I'd finish one song a month and post it to MeFi Music. This is the first of those songs.

A glance at the calendar and some basic math will tell you how well that plan has been working out. Can I catch up over the next nine months? Or will I be posting eleven really lousy songs in the last two weeks of December? The suspense is killing me, too!

I hope you enjoy this tasty little dish. It's autoharp (two tracks -- one fairly clean, one awful dirty), SR-16 drum machine, and a little bit of Q-Chord on the bridge. More details concerning its genesis are here, and the words are here.

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This is just awesome. I really dig the breakdown, especially.

I've got an enormous backlog of half-finished stuff, too. Dozens, maybe a hundred, maybe more. I actually categorized it all once--this is how resistant to actually doing things I am--into "finish," "don't finish," "don't start" folders. I don't think any of the "finish" stuff ever got finished, though. Maybe I'll start on it when I get through the backlog of current unfinished stuff.
posted by uncleozzy at 6:05 AM on April 4, 2008

Awesome song. Autoharp ftw. What is q-chord?

I too can relate about the backlog of unfinished songs... I've got a little pile myself.
posted by kingbenny at 7:11 AM on April 4, 2008

kingbenny -- a Q-Chord is sort of a cross between an autoharp and a synthesizer. Here is a picture of mine. In this song, it's the thing making the little harpsichord sounds on the bridge.

uncleozzy -- yeah, I like making little to-do lists -- I wrote down the 15 songs that were closest to being done in a notebook, and wrote a list of things to do under each one, with little checkboxes...then, when I have a free day, the night before I'll go through the notebook and pick out some tasks and write them down in a new to-do list. If I don't pre-focus I end up just sort of wandering around aimlessly.
posted by Karlos the Jackal at 2:27 AM on April 5, 2008

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