July 3, 2008 11:30 AM

Here is an improvisational song written from the perspective of an older Calvin finding Hobbes in a box. It's recorded in one take with Mythbusters on in the background, and the chords are from this comment by sleepy pete. As such, I also tried to write the lyrics in his style.


Today I finished unpacking and in the last box you were there sleeping. You were in a cardboard box, but it wasn't our time machine. You took the sled with you, and the wagon, too. Come on, let's play; let's build snow men. Let's go play. Come out of your box; it's just a box.

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Ha! That's awesome. What a great song. The lyrics are a great interpretation of Calvin as well, better than I could do. Great job.

And I stole that idea of the chords (it says B7, although always thought it was actually D, but B7 is a better chord anyway), in case you didn't know, but I'm glad someone used them.
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Oh! the birth of the sleepypete tag. I'd love it if one thing leads to another and we end up with a sleepypete challenge.

Cool song, Corduroy, as usual.
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I love this.

The TV in the background is great. I imagine Calvin looking through the box while someone else (his wife Susie, perhaps) is in the other room, oblivious to his reminiscing.

A much nicer conclusion to C&H than that heartbreaking fan-made strip.
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Oh jesus danb. The TV adds kind of a found sound element to it. Reminded me a little of early Adam Green.
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Thank you all for the compliments! No one has ever given me a blinking heart. And I like the found sound idea that danb and dobie allude to. I hadn't realized that as I recorded it, but it makes sense and adds more meaning.
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I LOVE things that add meaning while you're not realizing it. Great!

What amuses me about this in particular is that I always imagine that you're a small teddy bear wearing overalls. So now you're a small teddy bear wearing overalls and singing to a stuffed tiger. Tremendous!
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