July 10, 2008 7:21 AM

A new song about my bad tendency to just pack up and leave without warning.

The first four lines from this song are all I remember from a very old song I wrote, just before I moved out to Los Angeles in 1990. The melody is new, as are the rest of the lyrics, which, obviously, actually borrow from my experience of moving to LA. In a nutshell, I sold almost everything I owned and left without telling anyone, and with barely enough money to support me for more than two weeks. In fact, it wasn't the last time in my life I have packed up and moved without letting anyone know, and my mother still panics if she hasn't heard from me for more that a few weeks, worried that I will call from a homeless shelter in Hollywood, or from an attic apartment in Omaha, or wherever, even though I haven't done this for years.


Caught a bus for the Hillcrest
On the Nicollet side
I paid a half-buck for the transfer
And three for the ride
Going to the west coast
Going to LA
I ain't told you but
I'm going today
And I'm gone
Man I'm gone

Ain't got much money
I won't need it there
Just enough for my meals
And enough for my fare
I'll send you a postcard
From the Hollwyood sign
I'll send you another
From Hollywood and Vine
But I'm gone
Man I'm gone

Don't cry now tears now
Ain't no regrets
You knew I was leaving
From the moment we met
I don't say no goodbyes now
I don't take the time
I'm packed and I'm leaving
For Hollywood and Vine
And I'm gone
Man I'm gone

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Great songwriting, as usual. I guess you've been posting a lot of rerecordings for the Old Songs thing, but it gives the impression that you're incredibly prolific. :-)

That said, I'm not sure the lo-fi aesthetic does it for me here. I can imagine it cleanly recorded with an acoustic guitar, and IMO that'd fit this better.
posted by danb at 4:36 PM on July 10, 2008

Thanks for your comments. I'm sure you're right. The low-fi approach is in part out of necessity, as I singing into my digital camera in video mode, so the quality of the recording is always a bit sketchy.
posted by Astro Zombie at 10:37 AM on July 11, 2008

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