Down in New Orleans

July 15, 2008 1:54 PM

This was a song I wrote about a fictional women that I didnt really meet. In fact I havent ever stopped in New Orleans I may have drove through along time ago. This song is one of three done at a studio. The drummer was way to uptight for my music. He kept saying he could play john bonham solo's and Im thinking this isnt really the place for Mr Bonham. I need Ringo here. Anyway they over recorded drums with alittle crackle. I had a friend do the bass and lead style playing and he held it togther enough to make it listenable. Thats when I went home studio after seeing the money I could throw away. Anyway this song was before the hurricane period as well by a year Id say. I just really wrote it cause I wanted something fresh for the studio and upbeat. Anyway Listen

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I said oh yeah? She said oh yeah!

I like the song, though I think the mix could use a little tweaking -- the vocals seemed to be overpowered in places by the bass and drums (especially the snare). Also, as with In the Bar Tonight, I kept waiting for a rocking guitar solo that never came! ;-)
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I think your songwriting is quite good... they have arc and feel and all the things you need to make emotionally resonant music. I can't listen to most of your tracks because the rhythm section is distractingly out of time - I liked this because while the recording is a bit botched, it's in sync. So... in the future, I'd do without percussion if it's going to be distracting - and I say this as a wannabe percussionist who thinks Erik Satie pieces could be improved by some breaks.
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most of the songs you hear with drums out of time is me playing hand drums on the keyboards I have very bad drum skills hard to be the one man band thx for the feedback
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I really like this one. I agree about the mix needing some help, but it's catchy. Absolutely love the Oh yeah? Oh yeah's.
posted by kingbenny at 8:08 AM on July 16, 2008

for someone who's never been here, american caesar, that's a really fun song. spot on, too, at least when it comes to the finest lookin' women ; )
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