Royal Quiet Deluxe

July 28, 2008 9:51 AM

This is a live recording of Royal Quiet Deluxe, my band from 1998. The track features manipulated drum machines and vocals, bass, and two chickens playing keyboards.

The band was short-lived and a (very) minor local legend in Virginia in the late 1990s. This is our story.

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This is so unbelievably awesome. To everyone thinking about reading the story behind this music, stop thinking about it and just do it. I have to say too that the resulting music is much better than I would have imagined. You did some smart things to execute something listenable. Very cool. Long live Kitty Wells and Patsy Cline!
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On an unrelated note: I have a Royal Quiet DeLuxe, it's been my treasured typing machine since I was 16. I named her Isis, and by some miracle the ribbon I bought (printer ribbon that fit I got from OfficeMax) when I was 19 still works.
posted by mediocre at 8:02 PM on July 28, 2008

I thought you were kidding about the chickens. What a great story, and what a great way to tell it. I'm glad you posted it here. And yeah, anyone who comes after me: do not hesitate to follow that "this is our story" link.
posted by micayetoca at 1:54 PM on July 29, 2008

Holy shit. The song was pretty cool, but the story behind it is the best thing I've read all week. Holy shit.
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Whoa. Insane. What I wouldn't give to see that live.
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*yawn* at first I thought, "oh. great. another band with chickens playing keyboards. ho hum." Then I realized that all those other bands with chickens playing keyboards were only in my fondest dreams. :) What I mean to say is I love this brilliant edgy mayhem. love it.
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wow. Now I want to get my band back together, and include a few barnyard animals in the lineup.
posted by potch at 7:19 PM on August 2, 2008

i used to have a casio sk-1 - ah, those were fun fun keyboards
posted by pyramid termite at 7:41 PM on August 2, 2008

Wow -- just to echo my comments from the FPP -- thanks so much for all this. It means a lot to me to have you guys appreciate the music and the story together. I was afraid this was one of those things that was only cool to me and my friends, who dug it because they liked me. Glad to be wrong, at least in this instance ...
posted by chinese_fashion at 9:45 PM on August 2, 2008

That is all kinds of cool. Hope you're lucky enough to be able to dig up some more recordings, because I'm a fan of Royal Quiet Deluxe with Kitty Wells and Patsy Cline!
posted by chimaera at 9:18 AM on August 3, 2008

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