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August 5, 2008 10:45 PM

Where to start? I used to be a real drinker. Talking hard core at the local bar on the stool pounding the Crown. I dont anymore I was in a accident and I broke my jaw and rippied off half my nose. Knocked out 9 teeth. Even got the pleasure of a trake hole and jaw wired shut for 6 months. All better now thanks to a wonderful plastic surgen and a good cosmedic dentist. Anyway when I wrote this song many many years ago. I was sober for a pretty good stretch it was around Christmas lots of holidays parties. I went to bed knowing the next day I was goning to drink and enjoy some of the holiday spirit with some booze. This was who I was at that time and this was my way of explaining to myself why I fell off the wagon. Ive aways felt that this was one of my best written songs because it relates to so many such as myself. Sober now life is much better than ever so much time wasted learning to just be me even without the magic liquid I loved. Crown and 7.

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This is a good melody and I enjoy the vocal stylings. I think you've panned the bass to the left though (or are my headphones screwy?). That seems like an odd choice. It's driving the song, so I expect it to be in the center. If it were doing strange jazzy things, then it would be another matter. Anyway, I listened twice because the melody stuck in my head and I wanted to hear those fun vocal overdubs again.
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I really love how all the singing (except for in the bridge) is like an alternating 2-note droney kind of thing, it's brilliant. You've distilled (sorry) the feeling you describe down to the simplest melody possible, yet it comes across so powerfully and really conveys the kind of drunky-buzz mixed with regret without being preachy or goofy/comical.
And the bass panned left thing doesn't bother me. Kind of goes with the alcoholy vibe. I don't think anything's in the centre, which is sort of appropriate.
Glad to here you're happier with your chosen road.
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This really is good. Raw and clear, with unexpected lyric choices and a really idiosyncratic production. It doesn't really sound like anything I have heard before, which is sort of amazing.
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