September 11, 2008 10:05 AM

A cover of a song by the Joe Money band out of Kentucky.

As this is my first of three as well as first ever, an introduction: on my things to do list for some time, I hadn't yet invested any time, money or effort into getting together a recording rig. So I thought until I scrounged up my old field recording unit (itself a thing of haxed beauty) for some office video work and found it gave better output than I'd thought.

Having listened to like the first quarter of the tunes here, I don't think its out of line for its exceptional poor quality. Consider it a hotel room recording from where I never check out.

Anyways, this is a song by my friend Steve's act. Steve says at least one part of it is referant to out dear hometown. I've always felt that wherever the rest of the imagery came from, it properly evoked the dead-end sense of summer one can succumb to here.

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A man runs fast enough he'll run right into himself.
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