You, The Automaton

October 14, 2008 8:46 PM

you're just kind of minding your own business, you know, cruising along. you're doing things, but you're not really there. you're just going through the motions, spaced out and numb to the world around you. you are the automaton.

it has a gradual intro, building up, and then getting furious.

right now I feel like it ends too soon, right when it gets to the good part, so I'll probably extend it

if there were a music video for this, I would envision it as a person at a party, stoned out of their mind or maybe even tripping, totally disoriented and confused, desperately trying to make it to the exit with as little human interaction as possible and without puking or otherwise freaking out. as the song builds, the drugs kick in more and more and the trip gets harder and harder. vision swirls, everything feels millions of miles away, people are in a totally different realm of reality. after struggling to get through crowded halls and rooms thundering with the most aggressive of party music, he stumbles into the kitchen where a crowd of people are gathered, drinking and talking. they all immediately turn to him, intrigued - no, intimidated - by his disheveled appearance, his wild, dilated eyes, and his desperate, animal-like manner. to them, it looks like he just came from hell. but at that moment, he was living it. panic strikes with this sudden attention and the drugs intensify. his last thread of mental stability is tested, his last lifeline to reality is strained, and with one last effort, he thrusts himself towards the back door, tumbling down the stairs towards sweet freedom, puking up the chemicals that have betrayed him.

because its a music video of someone tripping, the cinematography would include several uncomfortable close-ups, odd angles, distorted lenses, and sharp, fast cuts for a memorable experience.

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Track starts great! I liked some of the noises in the building up part, but the rolling bongos / snare drums at 1:12 and the distorted guitar at 1:47 were too noisy and chaotic too much all of a sudden for me. The distorted guitar sound works great in the track from 2:23 onwards, it just needs a better "entrance". Nice break at 2:17!

What software and gear did you use on this?
posted by jchgf at 8:23 PM on October 15, 2008

thanks for the suggestions - i produce pretty much everything exclusively on my laptop. from time to time i'll incorporate "live" instruments such as guitar or bass or vocals. this song was produced entirely on my laptop with soft synths, drum samples, and old video game samples.
posted by god particle at 10:18 AM on October 16, 2008

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