Criminal (TTP Remix)

October 27, 2008 10:19 PM

a remix of The Roots' song "Criminal"

I felt that being a Philly resident myself, I should remix a song by our hometown heroes, The Roots.
The original song is really laid back, but the lyrics are aggressive. The remix is designed to better embody the lyrical content. Some parts remind me a little of Rage Against the Machine.

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This is awesome. I frickin' love this song, and the remix is hard enough to do it justice but fun enough to not cause angry Philadelphians to riot. Nice!
posted by nosila at 7:25 AM on October 28, 2008

Great approach. I didn't know the original, so thanks for pointing it out. It is a great version.
posted by micayetoca at 7:01 AM on October 29, 2008

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