JMC (Election Remix)

October 30, 2008 1:04 PM

John McCain meets Barack Obama in a chance enounter, post-election but pre-inauguration. Recorded by the 7-piece Seattle band "Awesome" at my studio in sunny West Seattle.

This tune was originally written for a joint performance with author Jonathan Safran Foer, and the lyrics were based on a piece of his. The band rewrote the lyrics to be a little more topical for a live performance a few weeks ago, and the crowd went wild.

The band received so many requests for the song that they made an emergency studio appearance and recut the track for this timely release.

Lots more great music on the "Awesome" website!

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Wow it's just like The Beatles in Liverpool circa 1961. I have chills.
posted by Zambrano at 2:26 PM on October 30, 2008

I totally dig the texture that the clarinet lends to this chunk of rock.
Friggin' awesome!
posted by isopraxis at 4:26 PM on November 5, 2008

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