November 7, 2008 9:04 PM

Minimalist square ambient paste.

I did this a few months ago. Some segments of this version could be improved, and I'd like to hear some feedback before I tackle a revision, if this is worth it.

posted by jchgf (5 comments total)

I think the beginning of this piece is done quite well.
posted by dagosto at 9:38 PM on November 7, 2008

Nice sounds, and enough variety to hold my interest.

Things to look at if you do a revision:

--Occasionally, near the beginning, the rhythm seems off; I think it's intentional, but it doesn't quite convince me.
--The transitions between sections sometimes seem a little awkward; rather than pulling me forward into the new section it just seems to stop and catch its breath, making it seem tentative.

Nothing serious, I only mention these things because you asked for suggestions...
posted by doubtfulpalace at 9:53 PM on November 7, 2008

Thanks doubtfulpalace, I appreciate your comments. I knew some beats were off, but I hadn't thought about the section transitions and I agree they are a bit weak.
posted by jchgf at 11:31 PM on November 7, 2008

I disagree about the off beat rhythms in the intro, I think they work well. That being said, it almost seems that the tempo is a bit rushed until you get those hihats, then I'm feeling SAW 85-92. When you actually kick in the beat I almost want it to be more minimalist, less flange in the pads, and more of what you do at 2:48. That sound or synth or whatever you introduce is brilliant. I think you could clean the middle up and focus more on what you got going on in the last minute. That's where the creativity lies, but of course, that's just my opinion.
posted by ageispolis at 4:26 PM on November 8, 2008

Thanks man! Will keep that in mind.
posted by jchgf at 9:41 PM on November 8, 2008

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