December 7, 2008 5:21 PM

5:17pm on Ipanema Beach...

.. at least that's what it reminded me of! I finally finished the new ep with my project Ran/Run Myspace Link. Myself and my partner in crime Ryan Walsh wrote, produced and mixed the ep. Would love to know if any of youse like it! :)

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I had iTunes open while browsing MeFi music. I forgot I had clicked play on this and got distracted with some other stuff. When I came back, I thought to myself "Man, this song is great!" and spent about 2 minutes trying to figure out why iTunes was playing music even though it said it wasn't. Then I realized it was MeFi music.

Regardless, this song fahking rawks. In a chill "I need to buy your EP" kind of way.
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Glad you like! Send me a PM and I can send you a link to download the EP. Alternatively, you might want to check out our Soundcloud Page to hear the tunes in higher quality than the myspace!
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Yeah, I can see why it would be easy to confuse. It has a "finished album" touch that is not common here (although some do great mixes that sound very professional and all).

You know, a couple of times there, the song started getting too poppy for my taste, and then something would happen that would make it interesting again. You stopped before you reach bubblegummy pop every time and the result was a very nice pop song.

Thank you for posting it.
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Would love to know if any of youse like it!

Well, you asked. I followed the link to myspace and listened to the songs. The one I like the most is "Flags". The sort percussion/drumkit/programming (I mean, its "rhythm" section) makes a huge difference for me, and I think that is what makes me like that one more than the others.

The whole EP sounds very well produced and done with great taste. It kinda sounds like something that would come on radio, make you say "oh, that's cool, more stuff on the radio should sound like this" and then three months after you'd find yourself hating it, after it has been playing a million times everywhere. Which, I know, would be a very rude thing to say here, but my actual message is that your music appears to have a great commercial appeal and, on top of it, it's very well done.

I had "flags" playing as I wrote this and then D T started playing and I realized that it too has a certain emphasis on rhythm. I went to the myspace tab, read a little and realized that one of you lived in Caracas and worked for a state program. Funny that. I lived there for four and a half years and did music for programs at VIVE.

Now I saw your influences. Os Mutantes and Jorge Ben Jor, among others. I can't wait to hear more music from you.

(and just a little final note: if you haven't heard music from edlundart here, you should. I think you might like it).
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