L.A. Xpress

December 8, 2008 9:04 PM

A song about Los Angeles's notorious free girlie newspaper.


L.A. Xpress

There's a magazine rack
Kept in the back
In full color
Under plastic wrap
With names like Adam
And adult press
And best of all
is L.A. Xpress

Kimya is 20
and a 32C
But then there's Ann
Who is a 44D
She's showing stockings
Beneath a vinyl dress
And she poses on the pages
of L.A. Xpress

Polly does BDS
She poses with a whip
While Lanie is a little girl
In pigtails and a slip
Some dress up in costumes
Some they just undress
When they pose for their pictures
in L.A. Xpress

Ginger is a nurse
with a kink for enemas
And Ilsa is mysterious
She won't say just what she does
It will cost you $50
If you want to try and guess
Her number it is printed
In L.A. Xpress

They all are waiting for you
All warm and yielding curves
And sometimes I think I'll call them
But I haven't got the nerve
There is pleasure just to see them
in the midst of erotic distress
Staring back from the pages
of L.A. Xpress

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