I Don't Want to be Here

January 1, 2009 8:57 PM

Recorded back in '01 for the Chalkhills.org King For a Day XTC tribute compilation CD. Written by Andy Partridge, but never recorded by XTC. This was a one-off project, but eventually led to the formation of my XTC tribute band, and we played it live once or twice.

Back in the good old cassette-trading days, there were some boots floating around of AP's home demos that never made it to album, and I think this one dates to about the Oranges & Lemons or Nonsuch era. The home demo was pretty bare-bones, and I re-arranged the music a bit, and added in some harmonies and the guitar solo section. And the phone bit. That's me on bass & lead vocals, with Brian and Mark helping out on harmonies. Joe Funk plays guitar & Dennis Bruhn plays drums.

My good friend Brian Harmer wrote the guitar solo note for note the day before we went in the studio and when it came time to cut it, he ran it by me, asked "do you like it?" I gave him an emphatic "Yes!" and he cut it in one take. We didn't know what to do with the hour we'd allotted to the process, so I think we went to lunch with Mark Hallman, who had the good sense to take the tambourine away from us and play it himself. The original AP home demo, and a somewhat more-produced version are now available on the Fuzzy Warbles box set, but we hadn't heard Andy Partridge's & Colin Moulding's 2nd version which they re-recorded later for an AIDS benefit CD.

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This is outstanding! Thank you!
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