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March 13, 2009 8:57 AM

Help transcribing Japanese lyrics?

Is there anyone here who could help me by phonetically transcribing the Japanese lyrics to the song "Daisy Bell" as seen in this link?

I'm not necessarily looking for a translation of the original lyrics (which would also be awesome). Really I just need a pronunciation guide to the lyrics that already exist in Japanese, either from the Revenge of the Nerds track, or the track here, that came up in J Bennet's comment in this thread.

I'm fixing to make my own Japanese language version of this wonderful song and I need your help to make it sound great a hit in Japan.
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P.S. This would also help me to complete my submission for the September MUSIC Challenge: Cover a song that is sung in a language you don't speak.
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I'm afraid I can't help at all but I did have to say that if I were to pick a song in a language I didn't know, I would have never thought to pick one as cool as this. Godspeed.
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I'll give this a shot, but I make no guarantees.

Deiji Deiji
Haitte yutte yo
Boku no kokoro wa
Kimi no yume miru
Sasayaka dakeredo
Yutare de noru (?)
Jintensha ozora
Soyokaze to asobou

I can't really translate, but I can give a gist line by line:

Deiji Deiji -- Daisy, daisy, transliterated into Japanese
Haitte yutte yo -- Probably conjugation of "hairu" and "yuku", which might mean "to go and enter"
Boku no kokoro wa -- My heart
Kimi no yume miru -- See in your dream (Have a dream of my heart?)
Sasayaka dakeredo -- Whisper only
Yutare de noru -- I don't think I'm hearing this line correctly, so I won't hazard a guess
Jintensha ozora -- "jitensha" means "bicycle", don't know if "ozora" is a real word, but "sora" means "sky"
Soyokaze to asobu -- Enjoy the gentle breeze
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Thanks NemesisVex, this is really helpful! I'm going to get started this week, and I hope to finish before amnesty is revoked...
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