May 1, 2009 11:41 AM

Should speak for itself I guess. Perennial tale of wronged love, worm turning, vengeance etc.

I'm from England. Been getting a pretty good reaction to some of my material, but curious as to how a US (my spirtual home) audience would react. This is "all me own work" - written, performed and recorded alone.

Really interested in transatlantic collaboration if anyone fancies having a bash at that. Got loads of bits of songs that might just fit with someone else's bits of never know.....

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It's got a nice texture. My initial reaction was that the intro belongs in the middle of the song - as kind of a build-up. But that's purely a taste item. Thanks for sharing this.
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Why didn't I listen to this the first time through? This is cool. The texture is nice, and I think the sections all fit together really well. I have a soft spot for sort of adult-contemporary or whatever you'd call it, and this hits it well. Nice work.
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Inerestingly, it sounds like it sort of hovers between English and American style to me, although I can't quite explain what I mean by that. It reminds me a little bit of the Police but sounds nothing like them.

(As far as collaboration -- check out this page.)
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For those who may be interested - equipment used in recording this one:

Yamaha AW2400
Korg Triton LE - bass and percussion
Gibson ES175 (default electric + intro solo)
Gibson ES335 (main solo)
Fender Stratocaster (outro colouration)
Martin D-28
Martin D16-12
Rode K2 - vocal
Rode NT-1A - acoustic guitars
Shure SM57 - electric guitars
Fender Super Champ
Korg TP2 - pre-amp/compressor
Lexicon MX200

Recorded at The Gin Palace, Bristol, England (the shabbily genteel, slightly louche and faintly disreputable title I have bestowed on my garage).
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I just stumbled across this via the MrFi music podcast #2 (I am so with it, yeah!). This song is really gorgeous.
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