Oklahoma, Boston

May 17, 2009 7:44 PM

The first song I can remember "writing." Circa 1986. Re-recorded here for anterity.

I vaguely remember riding around in the back of my parents brown oldsmobile, and double checking with my mom that Oklahoma was, in fact, a state. I was very relieved not to have to change those carefully thought out words.

I used to sing into a cassette player and record myself singing these silly songs all the time. Once I managed an entire tapes worth of singing, narration, and jumping on the bed while thinking out loud, and gave it to my dad as a father's day present. My group was called The Bunny Wunnies, I think after a fake children's book from a comic strip? I guess that was my first album. What I wouldn't give to hear that now, though I think it's long gone...

The melody to this masterpiece is, of course, La Cucaracha.

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for the record, if you do come to oklahoma, it's okay to make faces. the smell in some parts makes it an involuntary reflex.
and for the record, one could argue that not only is one a city and one is a state, both are cities as well.
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