Big Fat Love, or: Fast Food Is Bad For Your Heart

May 18, 2009 8:13 AM

This is a song about a guy who works at a fast food place and the girl that loves him.

Critique this! It's a song my friend and I made, and we're trying to become better. I don't really play any instruments, but I played "keyboards" and "drums" on this. He played the uke and the vocals. I wrote the lyrics.

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Critique this!

OK! Well, like you say, you don't really play any instruments, and... it shows. BUT! That's not a put-down! Really! I like naive playing. it's rhythmically awkward and unstable and completely unlike something anyone with chops would play, and that can be a good thing.

But... in small doses, I think. I mean, even the Shaggs, the greatest naive musicians of all time, IMHO, can get tiring fairly quickly. So, if, as you mention, you're trying to "get better", I'd suggest you practice, or perhaps better yet (and this is from someone who is incredibly lazy and has never really *practiced* all that much) just PLAY a lot. And you'll likely get better! Keep it up!

Your title grabbed me, by the way, cause there used to be a band back in NYC, late 80s (early 90s?) called Big Fat Love. They once did a double bill, somewhere in the East Village, with another band called Hit By A Truck. And the flyer for the gig was plastered around, and the band names all kinda ran together, so it was BIG FAT LOVE HIT BY A TRUCK, which became a phrase in my head that's stuck with me ever since.
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