"Swagger On" from Rius: The Grey Area

June 12, 2009 6:47 PM

I wanted to take a sec to give a shout out to friend of mine who is an amazing singer/songwriter from San Jose, CA who is promoting an album he wrote/produced/sung called "The Grey Area". It is a really awesome, positive album and he's completely independent - any tracks you buy, 100% of the revenue go directly to him. A lot of people say that he sounds like old school Michael Jackson.. the best part is you can stream and preview the entire album, all tracks - online. Check out: http://www.riusmusic.com for more information on Rius and his album "The Grey Area".

Rius: The Grey Area - Official Homepage of Singer/Songwriter Rius - www.riusmusic.com

Album art, and I helped design the website, this was done in coordinating with Hilinsky Consulting - a great company for independent artist marketing and social media solutions.
posted by mbobrowski

This post was deleted for the following reason: Glad you got an explanation of this stuff already, but, yeah, posting someone else's music is not what Music is for. -- cortex

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