June 26, 2009 2:18 PM

Part two of the epic Cheese trilogy.

There's not really much to say. Lyrics are original, by Tréteque (man vs sun); I'll let them speak for themselves

Timbill - Mandolin, Choir Vocals, Kazoo Army
Tréteque - Demir-Khomus, Broomstick Cymbal, Lead Vocals, Choir Vocals
Pheatherwäit - Choir Vocals

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It's the best cheese known to man
you can't buy it in a can
tastes great with any meal
it improves the way I feel

Some will extol the quality of Gouda
Others insist that Cottage dwellings rule
Most, like yourself say that Cheddar's the best, well

I know for a fact that you're all very wrong
I know that the best cheese could never belong
in a classification with all of these other loser cheeses


You can add it to anything you like
Mashed Potatoes, broccoli, or even baked Pike
Try it in comparison with all other cheeses and surely you will see the light

That Limburger stinks and Parmesan's lame
That Colby's overrated and Monterey's lost its fame
and that Swiss and Provolone both leave you empty and hurting and maimed.


It's bettah than Feta, and better than Bleu
It beats Gorgonzola and Jarlsberg, it's true
Brie may be the queen, but she sure can't defeat Das Führer

American's foreign and Ricotta is weak
Romano, Montasio, they're both so last week.
No, nothing can hold a candle to the cause for which I speak....


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did i mention i like cheese?
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Ah, I passionately love MOZZARELLA. It's Friday evening, I've a beer or two, my pizza with extra extra mozzarella ISN'T HERE YET... AND THIS IS KILLING ME!~!!!

Actually, I love this and I think you would enjoy songs by The Great Big Mulp. He's a Mefite, check it out.
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