June 26, 2009 3:43 PM

Recorded 5 years ago. Frankly, a bit of a mess. Lyric is vaguely about relationship breakdown, but is "stream of consciousness" i.e. bollocks. But......something there? Worth re-recording/working on? I dunno. You might tell me.

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The World Famous - many thanks. I can't even remember recording this one, it's so long ago. Why did I fade out the solo? - really don't know. I suspect I thought the track wasn't really happening. The only copy I have is this rough monitor mix, and I probably just took a copy of "work in progress" to check out the mix etc. And then got bored or lost confidence and moved on to something else, and forgot about it. This was recorded on a Boss BR1600 which I later sold. I still have the data on a cd (I think), but without the hardware I can't remix it and get the full fade-out solo. It happens scarily often though that when I later (maybe years later) listen to tracks I thought at the time were't working they sort of catch me out, and I think "why did you abandon that one, you twat?". The mysteries of creativity. I've no idea......
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Why did you abandon that one, you twat, indeed? Clearly you're a full-on bastard for not giving us the whole skinny (only kidding, Major). Your production quality never disappoints, and stream of consciousness, aka bollocks can sometimes be exactly what someone needs. Hell, the Bowie has released decades of bollocks, and he's richer and more interesting than the Queen (THE Queen, not Queen--they're about on par, in that instance). Your lyrics and delivery remind me of Barry Gibb, at points (later days albums, not the disco rubbish). It's all quite fetching, in the end; a seamless blend of styles, to create your own. Good on ya!
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I must say that this is an incredibly clear recording.

I have some favorite parts...actually more than I can list. There are many great elements of the song to enjoy. Good show, man.
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This has more than a bit of that "smooth jazz" vibe to it, Dundee. You know, not *jazz* of course, but what they play on those "smooth jazz" stations. You know what I mean, right? Those stations seem popular in the US (don't know about the UK). And, as mentioned upthread, the Steely Dan connection is there, for sure. Not styles that I'm all that crazy about personally, but I admire your proficiency here in both the playerly execution and the mix. A job well done.

Worth re-recording/working on?

Not to take anything away from your own vocal (I think the harmonized vocals work well, for example), but if you perhaps got some smokey-voiced (Sade-esque?) chanteuse doing the lead vox, and simplified the form a wee bit, heck, you might have a smooth jazz radio hit on your hands! Of course, you may be totally uninterested in such a pursuit, and if so, then I'd answer your question like this: if this is a style and a feel that you want to put out there as your thing, if you believe in the music and feel like it's what you want to say to the world, it's certainly worth working on! Go for it!
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Man, I'm on a second listen already. It's sticky. If it were slowed down 30% most of it would fit nicely on a Dire Straits album.
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Thanks muchly to all for the comments. I was Friday night pissed (trans. from UK English - drunk as a skunk) when I uploaded this. And this morning thought "oh dear, done it again....."!!

The Steely Dan connection is something that's been levelled at me before on tracks I've not uploaded here and is a bit of a frustration in a way. I can't really see it in this track - I thought it sounded more like Joni Mitchell with a headcold and a bad period. I have a natural tendency to jazz inflections (Flapjax is spot on in that it's not really jazz - more like artificial flavoring! Advert: New Dyspepsicola "Jazz Lite" - tastes just like real jazz, but won't make you wear shades indoors, wear a skinny tie or grow a goatee. It's Jazztastic!! tm). If I give that jazzer thang free reign, sooner or later SD crop up. The bastards have cornered the market. I've been deliberately trying lately to resist my jazzy habit and be more basic and "rocky", and wil continue to do so. So I guess I won't be re-recording this one.

Flapjax is as astute as usual. The lead vocal on this is rubbish (it's taken me years to get some confidence - I'm not a singer - and this was recorded when I was still pretty reluctant, and it shows). I guess if a jazz-lite chanteuse wanted to have a go at it I'd say "help yourself sweetcheeks". Actually I probably wouldn't say it quite like that....

xorry - "sticky"? What's that mean?

And Loom. You are impertinent sirrah! I have a good mind to call you out. Your choice of weapons is either a bunch of gladioli or a damp copy of the New York Times. Whichever you choose, you bounder, I shall previal egad!
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The lead vocal on this is rubbish

That's a little too harsh on yourself, Dundee! It's actually not rubbish, IMO. And you should definitely keep that confidence that's taken you years to muster, and keep singing, for sure. This style may not be the best suited for your voice, but for example, I think your vocal was perfect for White Feather.
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MajorDundee, just to follow on the heals of flapjax; he is totally right on. I just listened to White Feather again, and yes, it kicks ass.

I suggest that you record a series of very simple songs, short on the instruments and long on the vocals, just to experiment with your voice a bit.

(No, sadly I haven't taken my own advice, but I will eventually.)
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Nice tune. Hits me as being a bit smooth jazz. Not as much Steely Dan, more like Chick Corea with the chord changes. Only mix critique is the guitar on the right is a little bright for my taste at certain points.
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I only put this one up because it was one of those ones - must have happened to you too - that I'd totally forgotten about and then came across when checking what was on some unmarked cds before binning them. And I just wondered whether others thought it was any good or not. As I said, I won't be re-recording it because (a) I've moved on from jazz-lite and have a pathological fear of going backwards anyway (b) I'm too fucking lazy and (c) I'd have to relearn all the parts because I can't remember how to play it. And the vocal is crap!

Incidentally, I found another one I'd forgotten about that's better than this one - might put that up too in a few days' time. It gave me a little shiver. (don't want to go OTT with upload overkill and bore everyone rigid though).

Thanks for all the comments guys - appreciate it.
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