European Son

July 15, 2009 9:56 PM

Technically, it's in F major.

I wrote out a rhythm to follow on all voices, improvised the bass line, then we improvised the notes (within the key) for the harmonies in the rhythm which I decided on earlier (there’s a few 13, 11, and 9 chords). There are 7 voices, in total. A nice bit of cathedral-esque reverb helps make it a fitting closer to the album. I think my range had to span about 4 octaves, and mvs's was about 2.5. Man vs sun's soprano part had me blue in the face from trying not to audibly crack up during the recording.

Timbill – Centre Bass, Left Channel Vocals
Tréteque – Right Channel Vocals

Thus concludes the raping. If you like, you can listen to the album, as a whole, here. I think it actually worked out pretty well, as a whole.

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This is really bizarre sounding. I like. Because the voices aren't in tune (No offense intended...don't hit me! Few people could sing in tune in such wide ranges.), it sounds like microtonal music. Which is awesome.
posted by nosila at 5:33 PM on July 16, 2009

That was the goal. Having no plan meant that it wouldn't necessarily be in tune as it progressed. I'm glad you liked it!
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Man vs sun's soprano part had me blue in the face from trying not to audibly crack up during the recording.

I blame the quality of my soprano performance on this. Watching him stifle uproarious laughter whilst slaughtering my vocal cords is the sort of multitasking I wouldn't wish even upon the most mortal of mine enemies.
posted by man vs sun at 9:51 PM on July 16, 2009

Got to be the most original treatment of a VU+N track of the lot. Jolly well done chaps. Have to admit that a stock image of a barbershop quartet - complete with shiny, cheesy grins, straw boaters and ghastly blazers - came into my mind as I listened. God, that would be priceless on YouTube.....
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Whoa. This one is messing with my amigdala.
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I agree with nosila: this is really odd-sounding, but in a good way.
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