Juan and Benito

July 20, 2009 11:25 PM

Juan and Don Benito discuss the heroes from their childhoods.

Music from the movie "The Battle" Directed by Paul C. Miller, music by Greg Nicolett (me). Look for it in Sept!

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Beautiful...haunting...reminds me of Sergei Prokofiev. [Peter and the wolf]
posted by Zenabi at 11:57 AM on July 21, 2009

Jeeeeeezzuzz! I was pretty blown away by this - a beautifully written piece. Oe of the very few I've hear here or anywhere lately that actually touched my black, hardened old heart. Obviously professionally recorded (which, sort of, is a cheating a bit - but I forgive you). It all ended way too soon. I could feel an urge to try for a vocal on top of this. That, plainly, would ruin it! Can we have some more please sir??
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Typo correction - second sentence - "one of the very few I've heard here"
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i didn't realize this was from a movie, and was hoping for drum and bass with weird samples of hispanic people talking about superman and aquaman interlaced. Then i got it and clicked "more inside" to see if i was right.
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Whoops! Sorry I never checked back here for comments! Thanks for all the positive feedback.

Technical details are pretty simple....its a REALLY low budget movie, so basically synth only. But I wanted to spend a little extra for certain scenes and hired a violinist (1), an alto flute player (the soloist), and then played some of the brass parts myself.

I suppose you can call it "professionally" recorded, though we did it in my friend Preston's half-finished garage (he DOES have a Pro Tools system in there though).

But anyway thanks for the support! I will post more...
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