August 7, 2009 4:31 PM

An abstract and impressionistic take on the wonderful world of work. Or something like that. Whatever. Listening to it afresh from the distance of several years, I've no idea what the fuck I'm banging on about here. I was probably stoned out of my box at the time. Disgarceful behaviour for a doctor - tsk tsk. Another extract from the extensive but wholly disreputable Dundee Archive. NB: this product contains faint traces of jazz-lite.....

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I happen to enjoy your English indie-jazz-kinda-rock-stuff. I was hooked on this song the moment of that first bass pluck. I really am starting to get a bit of a Donald Fagen vibe from your voice, which compliments that indie-jazz-kinda-rock-stuff theme.

I own every Steely Dan album, so that's not a bad thing, to me.
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Ya know man, I get the Fagen/Steely Dan connection, but I think it goes even deeper than that. There was a while in the '70s when folk met rock and they met jazz and a little r&b. Roberta Flack comes to mind as one example. It was a time of brilliant song writing, beautiful and big compositions and really soulful performances. Major, I'm SURE you remember that time better than I do...I was just a wee lad!

Seriously now, about your song; it has great instrumentation and composition. Those things are an excellent back drop for your vocals. And your vocals are very expressive and soulful and mellow. I really dig your voice!
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Many thanks guys. It's funny how the SD connection tends to emerge if there's anything vaguely jazzy going down - they've cornered the market which is a bit frustrating... I completely dig what you're saying sns re that early '70's thing, but it's difficult to pin down isn't it? "Handbags & Gladrags" comes to mind as well - know what I mean?

There's actually a major (sic) cock-up in this one because the drums are mono! I only noticed that a good while after it was finished, and can't quite work out how that happened. I can't remix it because I sold the machine it was recorded on and although I have the data I've no means of accessing it. Not that I'd want to anyway - I have a weird aversion to revisiting old stuff, it feels like going backwards.

I've got something I'm working on right now that I could use a steer on though. There's a transition in it that totally changes the mood/feel and, whilst I like it, it might meet with bafflement from listeners. Perhaps you guys at least would give me a view?
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And I wasn't much more than a wee lad then either sns.....:-) Not quite in short trousers, but certainly not shaving!
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I loved this song. I found it similar to some of the newest Colin Hay. Maybe it's because I just bought his album off Amazon?
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I love that line at the end. "You turn the wine to water."
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