Qipheyo (The Great Big Mulp adaptation)

September 1, 2009 11:14 PM

Where does he get those wonderful toys?

I have a new toy, and it's a black Squire Telecaster. None of us really play guitar, but it's so nice (customized by a friend of mine who really knows his shit (after 40 years of playing it, I'd hope so)), and was such a good deal ($200 for it and a sweet tweed case), it had to happen.

The original of this song, of course, is by The Great Big Mulp--one of his many drunken masterpieces.


Timbill - Megaphonic Vocals
Tréteque - Electric Guitar
Pheatherwäit - Bass Flute

I've had my little Epiphone amp for 5 years, and never once had a guitar hooked to it until now. I've amped vocals, french horn, theremin, all sorts of gadgets that don't normally get amplified. I've had an array of "guitar" effects pedals for the same amount of time; not once did I consider using it for the instrument it was built to amp.

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Did I pronounce it correctly?
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Holy shit, that's amazing! I had meant to comment as such yesterday, and, in fact, thought I already had. As it turned out, I was just pretty stoned.

You certainly did pronounce it correctly.
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