October 31, 2009 6:53 PM

Culted was conceived after watching a special on Mass Murderers. An industrial sound with cinematic undertones and a touch of electronica.

I was playing around with some FX on the Berhinger 2442FX. It's not the sound I was going for for the vocals though. But I ran out of time. And Yes... I made up a word. But I hope yall dig it.



It's just another day
Where's the time, it just slips away
But everyday that goes by
I wish you were mine

Where do you come from
What is your name
Would you care to play
My gruesome little game...

It's Culted...

It doesn't matter what you want
I don't care
I just need your eyes
and your long blonde hair

I think I found you once before
But you wouldn't let me through your door
Now you have no choice but to come with me
And be consumed by my culted personality

Ohhh It's Culted...

I know where you come from,
Now I know your name...
Life for you my dear
will never be the same....
Your Culted...

Your Culted...

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I love the subbass and the drums and the general sound. I know what you mean about the vox they don't sit right in the mix..think there's too much reverb for one thing. It's really cool though. You say industrial but it sounds a bit radiohead doing rock as well.
posted by Not Supplied at 2:26 PM on November 2, 2009

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