You Still Look Like You Did Before

January 6, 2010 6:48 PM

This is a crude cover of "You Still Look Like You Did Before" By Chococat & ORthey. I love the song so much I asked Choco if I could cover it and he said yes. Hopefully I can get it sounding better with some guest players.

This is me with two acoustic rhythm tracks and 3 vocal tracks. I beat the drums out by hand with my keyboards. I pulled their Mp3 of the song into Cubase and played with it. So I punched them into the solo for filling. Such a great tune. I'm just even happy with being able to play it all cause its such a great tune. Thx Chococat & ORthey for a great tune.

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I would like to add alittle of my history. I was in a bad accident about four years ago. I ripped off the tip of nose, broke my jaw in half. Knocked out nine teeth. Split both my lips open (The best way I can tell it it looked like the Preditor at the end of the movie when he opens his mouth at Arney) And I had a trake hole. I was on the edge for sure. They patched me back together very well. Cant even really tell. Some say I almost look better because they did a skin graph from my forehead to my nose and rebuilt my nose that way. In short a got a poor mans face lift. They even fixed so you cant even tell I had a trake hole. So this is why Im explaining this story. When singing this song I felt tugging in my throat like I have not ever felt. My face also had strange feelings from the expressions needed to sing this high from all the scars. It was emotion tugging lines that haven't been tugged yet. So it was a nice experience to cover this song and really feel the emotion involved.
posted by american caesar at 9:47 PM on January 6, 2010

Man, you usually sing lower, but I really like your high vocals on this. They're sort of reedy and tremolo-y and yet really sweet, too. Super nice.

I beat the drums out by hand with my keyboards.

posted by Karlos the Jackal at 4:04 AM on January 7, 2010

Great job! Wow, your voice sounds totally different.
I think it's really interesting what you said about the link between emotional "tugging" and actual physical sensations from having to stretch for a note. Cool.
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Thx Choco & Karlos for comments. When I had the op for fixing the trake hole. The doctors had to re slit my throat in a straight line then pull it together tight and sew it back up. So I lost about a inch in skin so to speak to fix this and make it look correct un noticeable really. As I said I havent ever really sang that high sense this happened (The 5th fret Capo) I could sing along with you on the mp3. Was a stretch for sure with every note I could feel the sensation for sure. Just added that much more fun to the cover of this wonderful tune for me. Feeling thoughs feelings or emotion. I would also like to add that this is a very ruff cut cover. I got excited and posted early. I plan on trying to dress this up even more so. Ive already sang it better in a few more takes I did last nite after the post.
posted by american caesar at 8:16 AM on January 7, 2010

To be fair, I merely contributed the banjo. It's like 95% chococat.

And I dig this cover! I especially like the sound you get from the guitar. Very jangly.
posted by ORthey at 9:32 PM on January 7, 2010

Do you fancy any backing vocals? Have been harmonising with u when this comes up on my iPod
posted by By The Grace of God at 5:13 AM on January 10, 2010

I always welcome any co-laporating. I wish I knew how to do the link for Chococat's version he does it way better than me. I never had any luck with the link insert.

Copy and paste this is the Orig.

Thats why I covered it in the first place I would sit and sing this with him every time I played it.
posted by american caesar at 2:20 PM on January 10, 2010

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