Oh Death (live)

January 7, 2010 5:18 AM

In the very first hour of the brand new year of 2010, I was on a stage in Tokyo, part of Mike Watt's yearly "We Jam Econo" event, singing about death. Video of this same performance can be seen at YouTube or Vimeo.

Here's another version of the song (a studio recording) I posted to MeFiMu back in 2007.

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That's a sweet and moving performance, man. I watched the youtube version and the audio and video are really good. BTW the strumstick looks as cool as it sounds. Right on.
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Thanks, sns! The good audio is thanks to this: these days I bring my own little mini-mixer (this Behringer) to my gigs. I run everything through that (vox, strumstick, looping pedal and iPod for drones and such), so I have control over my own mix, reverb, everything. I send that stereo mix to the PA. I take another stereo out from the Behringer (the "control room out") and send that directly to my Yamaha Pocketrak CX. Then import the Pocketrak audiofile to the video project in iMovie, sync it up, and voila! Decent-sounding audio in a live gig video! Very easy!
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As I mentioned on Facebook, the little portable fan just kills me. KILLS
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the little portable fan just kills me. KILLS

The little portable fan of DEATH!
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Well that explains the strangely silent audience. On my first listen I was thinking what a serious crowd that must have been. Now I know!
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