Sierpinski Triangle

January 13, 2010 1:07 PM

It's the Triforce of Fractals

Our second go at an entirely a capella improv. This was pretty much impossible to do with anything but our eyes shut tight so we didn't have to look at each other while making such ridiculous sounds.

Timbill: Vocals, Whistling, Tuvan Throat Singing
Tréteque: Vocals, Whistling, Gervaisian Throat Singing, Tongue Clicks
Pheatherwäit: Vocals, Whistling, Percussive Scat, Tongue Clicks

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For the record, I had my eyes open the whole time.
posted by man vs sun at 1:08 PM on January 13, 2010

Yeah, you were the one making the most ridiculous of the sounds. It's your fault!
posted by askmeaboutLOOM at 7:43 PM on January 13, 2010

What I like about all these Gyrophonia posts, LOOM, is that you can really hear the process going on in your collaboration. It's insightful and entertaining to hear this kind of spontaneous creativity. It opens your ears.
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I didn't know Ricky Gervais did throat singing.

I actually kind of like this. I only clicked on it because you mentioned the Sierpinski Triangle. Not enough songs about fractals out there. When I realized it was all abstract, I almost turned it off. I'm glad I didn't.
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I'm glad you didn't, either, ErWenn. I was originally going to title it "The Sierpinski Gasket" because Mandelbrot Set was stuck in my head at the time of mixing. We're actually going to see JoCo live in Dallas early next month.

acb123xyzinfinity, thank you for your kind words. I feel like a pretentious twat for saying it, but it's nice to see that someone else out there "gets it." I'd like to think that what we do in these sorts of things is something that just couldn't be done in any other way than live and spontaneously. The moment we start thinking about it too hard, it just kind of falls apart. We've had plenty of failed improvs, too, but, like any good experiment, you learn just as much (or more) from your failures as from your successes.

Sadly, a lot of things we really like at the time of creation never end up here, as there's also a bit of theatre that's lost in translation, in only presenting an audio recording. I wish we could have someone really film our sessions--something more than a webcam (or even better, if we had more paying shows (or any paying shows, for that matter)), so we could share the full experience with everyone.

Fortunately, this one was pretty simple--literally just the three of us decided to do one a capella, gathered 'round the Oktavas, and did what we felt. It can be so much more expressive and therapeutic than many of the other styles I've played.
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Why do I get the feeling I should be touching an obsidian space artifact while I listen to this?
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