white picket fence by vampire deer

February 26, 2010 5:36 AM

song 2 of 11 of cornfield

i remember how my mother had to raise me alone
in a rusted out trailer with no cable or phone
my father had left her and no one's loved her since
there's no one to keep her wanted in a white picket fence

when i was younger still learning about life
i met me a woman and i made her my wife
she did betray me, her love was just show
past that white picket fence i had to go

now i've had a hard life, many dreams torn apart
but there's nothing harder than to give up your heart
i will learn to trust you, i will learn to be kind
in that white picket fence we will have ties that bind

in a white picket fence i ll make you a home
we will live there together and neither will roam
in a white picket fence we will raise a family
there will never be a parting between you and me

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