her name is hope

February 25, 2010 9:15 PM

I wrote this after attending a concert late last year. Just finished (?) the recording. It's kind of a tribute to the musician I saw -- maybe you can guess who it is? Either way, it's a track that features guitars, pianos, fretless bass, vibes, drums, vocals and a lap steel part in the chorus that I'm really satisfied with.

and those boots
and that dress
and that voice
of caress

and she's not some little girl
with whom you wanna mess
and when she is gonna strike
is anybody's guess

and there's no light
but there's a show tonight
and her name is hope
and it's perfect

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good work!
posted by archivist at 10:47 AM on February 26, 2010

This is awesome. Great instrumentation. Very well recorded. You clearly took your time with this and it shows.

Hope Sandoval?
posted by dobie at 1:00 PM on February 26, 2010

I thought Hope Sandoval also.
This is nice.
My favourite part is the little fugue-type deal in the middle.
posted by chococat at 6:55 PM on February 26, 2010

Hope Sandoval is correct. Unfortunately I don't have any cash prices... but thanks for the positive feedback!
posted by edlundart at 7:12 PM on February 26, 2010

Damn, in the blink of an eye this went from being at the top of the page to being buried somewhere in the middle.

I tend to like your lyrics, have I told you this? You either develop them into very round pieces. Nice song, again.
posted by micayetoca at 12:29 PM on March 2, 2010

Thanks, micayetoca. That's pretty much my life as an artist! I appreciate the kind words about my lyrics. I put a lot of thought into them, in most cases.
posted by edlundart at 6:18 PM on March 2, 2010

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