Down At The Supper Club

March 4, 2010 5:23 AM

Samples from the film noir The Pay Off over beats, with some choppy Benny Goodman samples thrown in for melody.

More of my early experimentation with electronic music. All samples are from the public domain, again (cheers, Internet Archive).

As stated, the movie clips are from The Pay Off...that is actually the 1942 film of that title, not '35 as indicated. Your typical (and typically fun) film noir.

Also sampled is Cononet Films' The Benefits of Looking Ahead. Funny...and misguided (just make some plans when you're 16 and life will work out great!).

I used Benny Goodman's My Melancholy Baby (found here) for the melodies that play over the beats.

Any comments, criticisms, suggestions welcomed. Thanks for listening!

posted by hiteleven

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