Only Passing Through

June 28, 2010 6:46 AM

I posted a solo version of this tune back in January 2010, but this is the Medicine Bone version, recorded at a gig the other night right here in ol' Tokyo town. Video at YouTube.

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Medicine Bone: Samm Bennett (vocal, dan moi jawharp) - Ken Shima, guitar. Recorded live at Oil City, Asagaya, Tokyo, on June 20, 2010.


saw an old man walking
walking with his dog
saw him disappear
disappear into the fog
one minute he was there
next minute he was gone
took out my pen and paper
and i put him in this song

took a brand new dollar bill
laid it on the ground
took an old dry chicken bone
down to the lost and found
sent myself a letter
but it never did arrive
still in a mailbox back in brooklyn
at least i made it out alive

figured i'd just end it all
so i laid down on the track
a big old train rolled over me
but i hardly got a scratch
the dust won't even go to dust
and the ash won't go to ash
we're all in folsom prison
but there ain't no johnny cash

see the eagle catch a rabbit
and carry him to his nest
i'm gonna catch a greyhound
and ride it way out west
it'll stop in kansas city
and maybe denver too
but til i reach that blue pacific
i'm only passing through

copyright p & c Samm bennett - all rights reserved
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I really enjoyed this for a bunch of reasons. First, the math-rock minimal guitar part. Second the vocal stylings and jaws harp. But mostly it is the sort of ghostly David Lynch imagery of the lyrics, which made me think it was a song sung by a dead man (despite the end of the second verse). It's mostly the third verse, I think, but it really worked for m.
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