Street Medics Unite! (aka We Fight the Good Fight)

August 17, 2006 12:09 AM

The opening number from our (Denim + Diamonds) late 2004 enhanced CD (containing 2 videos) release on Bloodlink Records, Street Medics Unite!. Purchasable through Amazon here. Look! You can buy a used copy for 57¢! Or a new copy for 58¢! But really, would *you* trust a third party seller? I thought not. Pay the $14.99 and ensure you're getting that famous Amazon quality you know you deserve.
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Yes, we dig DEVO. Please try to refrain from comparing us to them, though, as it's in my humble opinion that we really don't sound much like them.

We use synths. We're punky nerds. It's pretty catchy stuff, and being compared to DEVO is a huge compliment, but listen to this and then listen to one of DEVO's more synth-oriented records (post Duty Now For the Future). If you want to compare us to anyone, try Negativland.

I don't mean to sound bitter about the DEVO thing, but it's plagued us since day one (and thank the cruel lord that the 'electroclash' fad's over. It was fucking embarrassing, billed as: "ELECTROCLASH FROM NEW YORK CITY: DENIM AND DIAMONDS!"

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Sounds a lot like DEVO.
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