Chupacabra, The Goat Sucker

July 17, 2010 1:37 AM

This is an improv piece from the Next/Slimelords circa 2007 featuring our backup singer (AKA SheMulp) on lead vocals and The Great Big Mulp on drums. We came up with this while making fun of SheMulp's tendency to roll her R's only when saying spanish-y words.

We made up almost all of our songs on the spot. We got pretty good results that way, but this is one of my favorites.

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This makes me feel better about some of our stupider things (I don't mean that as an insult; it's definitely good-stupid), knowing that we're not alone in the stupid-verse.

p.s. improv tag pleeze
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Were you to hear a full set of ours, you would never again feel bad about any of your stupider songs.
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I submit, for your listening pleasure, Just a Little Girl (live) and Jesus Loves Cock (also live). Lately reklus and I have been going through all the recordings we'd made, and he's been mixing down various songs. We've been focusing more on the songs that were made up during drunken practices and less on the songs that were actually part of our set, so I'm sure eventually we'll get around to the likes of Jesus Loves Cock and (Last Weekend I Fucked a) Werewolf.
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What, no love for Bearded Dragon or Love Luggage, Mulp?
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No no, I was just mentioning songs that we played more than once. I mean, I suppose they do kind of count, though both renditions of Bearded Dragon are completely different songs and Love Luggage was never completed.
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We never played the same song the same way twice...
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reklus, half the time, we don't play a song the same way once.
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hmm, this reminds me a little bit of a cross between early pink floyd and soul coughing when they were good. eye leik it.
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Thanks weirdo. What reminds you of either of those bands? I like both, but I fail to hear any connection. Maybe I'm too close to the source.
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Ah, the instrumental sound is a little spacey like some older pink floyd (pre DSoTM). The vocals are less rhythmic than soul coughing usually is, but it's sufficiently..(not nonsense, but not really sensical either, I can't think of the right word) remind me of some of soul coughing's more experimental tracks.

Now that I think about it, it's also reminiscent of white rabbit. ;)

In any event, thanks for it. I really like it.
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He bebido demasiado, I think.
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