July 19, 2010 12:42 PM

A bit of lo-fi pop goodness.

Perhaps I'll add more stuff to this, but I kind of like the spareness of the current version. I might shorten the intro, or add some distorted backwards glockenspiel to make it more interesting.

posted by Crane Shot (2 comments total)

liked it, the bass sound is great. i kind of wanted the very end bit to go on for another two minutes and build up into a huge slab o' noise, but that's just me. the distorted glockenspiel sounds like it would be appropriate, but as you say, there's a nice lot of space there at the moment which it'd be sad to miss...
posted by peterkins at 2:02 PM on July 19, 2010

Thanks! I was sort of half-kidding about the glockenspiel... I'm always threatening to put it on everything. But this time, it just might work!
posted by Crane Shot at 8:34 PM on July 20, 2010

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