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July 30, 2010 12:28 AM

Millimeters of Mercury (me!) returns with this acoustic-piano-pop-electronic (haha) "fusion" of live piano (played by himself), some live drumming (by a friend), some drum-machine/looped drumming, and vocals performed while playing the piano but were later chopped and processed to make things more coherent. :) The result is saccharine beyond all get out. Think of it as a morally bankrupt part-time drug addict's profession of love to someone who accepts them for who they are. I hope you enjoy.

don't you know since the first time I saw you,
this is all I ever ever wanted wanted to do?
just to lay here holding hands with you-you,
we're so locked together, honey, stuck like glue-glue.

i could lay here for forever; baby there'd be nothing better,
hug you tighter than a sweater let you leave me never-never,
can't tell you how I feel, can't believe that this is real,
words are spilling out, oh my lips aren't sealed-sealed.

tell me, is time passing? when we're talking, laughing-laughing,
1? 2? 3 hours? not enough! let's keep it adding.
i don't hear the tick-tock — don't look at the fuckin' clock,
we know that it's late-late but let's pretend that it's not.

if we sleep, let's sleep together; we think rain is perfect weather,
outside's getting wetter-wetter; safe and dry we make it better,
this all feels so good to me, nowhere else i'd rather be,
i don't ever wanna leave, mine to keep.

baby-baby, so sweet, lovin' you's a dream-dream,
strawberry, french vanilla, chocolate chip ice cream,
sugar-sugar, treat-treat, cupcake with some icing,
peanut butter, jelly, baby, we're the fuckin' perfect team.
cookies-cookies, milkshake, baby, you're my hot cake,
keep me warm forever-ever, never make my heart break.
sugar in my latte, sweeter than the café,
feelin' such a rush-rush, gonna get a stomachache.
you might make my heart stop, candy, sugar, gum drop,
intoxicating, sweet and sexy, peppermint and peach schnapp,
child in a candy shop, feel like i'm on top-top,
rum and coke we go together, dizzy-sweet like soda pop...

i wouldn't be complete...
if "you and i" weren't "we."

you know that i care for you and can't believe how though you knew
about the pills i take, don't give a shit about the drugs I do.
you can see right through and through, and you know that i'm always true,
i'm always honest, never make it up, i'll never lie to you.

i just feel so secure, don't have to be unsure,
know you value me, know who i am, and our true love endures,
i'm so glad that you exist, i'm so glad we didn't miss
our chance to be the best — the ultimate — electric when we kiss.

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