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July 30, 2010 4:59 PM

I must have recorded hundreds of demos over the years. Some of them I've totally forgotten. And when I hear them it's as if it was the first time I've heard the track. That kind of accidental rediscovery is generally uncomfortably embarrassing...but sometimes, rather wonderfully, it's quite the opposite...(more background inside). Wish I could remember how I got such a warm sound....

I think I recorded this in about 2003/4. Ok, parts of it are a bit blurry and unfocussed, and it kind of just peters out. But....there's something of my elusive muse at work here - that little hint of magic that is so, so difficult to capture. Why I abandoned it is completely beyond me. In hindsight it was probably because it was complete as it is - there is nothing more for it to say.

The only thing I do remember is the bit in the intro after I sing "Yesterday's news" where I whisper "blow away" and then trying to create the impression of a newspaper or whatever blowing around via the guitar apeggio.

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posted by peterkins at 7:45 PM on July 30, 2010

Thanks P. I recorded this with my little Yamaha acoustic (an LA-8) which was put in the shade when I acquired a Martin after years of lusting after one. I'd forgotten how nice it sounds - kind of halfway between a steel-strung and classical guitar, and very gentle and sweet-sounding. Must dig it out and give it an airing soon.
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Yeah, that guitar sounds great. At first I was a little disappointed when the percussion started in--because the intro bit was so nice--but then it all sort of came together for me. It's a cool groove.
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